Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Projects- nothing like a bit of a distraction when trying to pack up!

here are a couple of projects the kids and i have been working on the past couple of weeks - most finished but a couple still in the works:

the kids working on some sculpey creatures for our sea/seashore playmat

the playmat before being sewn up and backed - just a couple of cut up sweaters at this point

some of the critters: a loon and an octopus

lots of snails and a seal

a big ol' flying fish

sea cucumbers and i think Christian said the white blobs are ice

jellyfish and a fish

there were couple of these pencil and sketch pad holders made for some of K's friends birthdays and one for her for the road trip

a bunch of these picnic roll up placemats as gifts

and Klara made some beeswax candles with our friends Nora. she had a blast and is itching to make some more once we are settled into our new place

phew!! that was a list there - sorry about that. but now the sewing machine is all packed up even though the fabric has been already cut for a couple of other projects. they will just have to wait!! here's hoping you are all enjoying summer!

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Josh said...

poor sewing machine. Sweet stuff dudes!